Crimson Coast Dance

Oh, how we InFrinGeD!

22nd Annual InFrinGinG Dance Festival
July 10-19 ~ Highlights...

Will you join us, Crimson Coast Dance Society, this Friday, Aug 14 at 10am on Facebook for a Free Panel Discussion about
Digital Dance?

This intimate conversation will be hosted by Mitch Miyagawa (photo #1), who will be joined by four of the brightest dance creators, supporters, and presenters from around the Salish Sea:

Olivia C. Davies, Artistic Director of O.Dela Arts  |  Photo credit: Dayna Szyndrowski – bottom middle

Jane Gabriels, Executive Director of Made in BC – Dance on Tour   |  Photo credit: (c) Marisol Diaz, 2017 – bottom left

Julie-anne Saroyan, Creative Producer of Small Stage  |  Photo credit: – top right

Holly Bright, Artistic Director of Crimson Coast Dance Society  |  Photo credit: Holly Bright – top left

InFrinGinG Online 

Produced by Odessa Kelebay, Curated by Holly Bright, Odessa Kelebay

Reflections On Digital Dance

Friday, August 14, 10:00am – 11:00am PST – An online discussion with live-arts presenters hosted by Mitch Miyagawa 

  • Join our online panel discussion on the successes, challenges and opportunities of programming and producing in a pandemic world. What is the future of live events and how do we embrace Digital Dance innovations and experiences.  

Backyard Dances by YOU!

  • An art film by Dustin Anderson featuring submissions by local families dancing (also available for watching). We provided the music; you provided the dance.  A full-on, fun, family experience of moving joy edited into this short clip of life in Nanaimo by Dustin Anderson.

2020 InFrinGinG Dance Festival Memories:

@ Bethlehem Centre


Feathers of Fire

VJ VU (Silent Disco)

Silent Disco: DJ AndFriends, DJ All Good, DJ Earth Ninja

Available Online:

Films: Bhairava and Discussing Bhairava by Shantala Shivalingappa 

  • Bhairava, 14-minute cinematic dance by classical Indian dance virtuoso, Shantala Shivalingappa. Set in the stunning Hampi landscape, Bhairava evokes facets of Shiva, the Lord of Dance, as both the destroyer of evil and the guardian of time. 
  • Watch Discussing Bhairava, a 6-minute documentary about the making of Bhairava. 
  • downloadable colouring PDF for kids 

Alternative Reality Launchpad: VR, AR and MR Resources 

  • Dance organizations and artists around the world are embracing alternative reality, and exploring the juncture of performance and technology. 

2020 InFrinGinG Testimonials:

It is so great that you did something!  How courageous – yet not surprising – [CCD] is visionary and always a step ahead!  BD


You’re doing a great job at this festival: schedule looks great and all the mystery around venues makes it exciting. Lots of local artists is nice to see. GJ

She [ Shantala Shivalingappa In Bhairava] was godlike in her facial, hand, feet, torso movements.  The chanting, drumming, flute(?) must have been so wonderful to produce in the chosen setting.  Wish i had a big screen tv to view : ) – RD

Fantastic [CCD] for this amazing line up of event. You are really
magical and inspiring. – VM


[CCD], you bring light, love and laughter into our lives.  I can’t imagine what it would be like without people like you and my incredibly talented choir director.  It must be so hard to be in the performing arts at this particular time in our crazy world.  Take good care and call on my anytime.  (Virtual) hugs, JO


I am buying a pass – you are the only festival taking place this summer. SM

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