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AJ MegaMan
NOLA Nighthawks
Timothy Allen


Nanaimo's own Timothy Allen,  NOLA Nighthawks, and AJ MegaMan.
THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2018  |  7:30PM
MALASPINA THEATRE I  Vancouver Island University
Crimson Coast Dance presents the premiere performance of a new collaboration between the NOLA Nighthawks 10 piece Jazz Band; Tap Dancer, Timothy Allen; and Urban Street Dancer, AJ MegaMan.

Crimson Coast Dance connected these local artists to create an evening especially for Nanaimo. IDENTITY is a show that takes you on a music and dance journey through time, that follows the evolution of their art forms while it invites audience members to recognize the impact of music and dance on their own identity. The question is simple, “Who are you?”
Combining their skills in tap, New Orleans jazz, and street dance, these artists pose questions that explore the ways music and movement enrich our lives and help us discover a vision of who we are or who we wish to become.  
"As youth, we select our circles of friends by the kind of music that resonates with us and sometimes we idolize and imitate artists who created that music. Every day, music revives memories that remind us who we are, and who we wish to be as we clap, tap, and listen."
-- Frank Fitzpatrick
“Everyone can find a part of their own identity within the scope of New Orleans music -- and if embraced, our identity becomes enriched through other aspects embedded within the history held in NOLA.  I have often said that jazz and dance evolved together.”
-- Andrew Homzy
By combining these three distinct artistic practices the artists will push their boundaries to find their own answers to the question "what is your Identity?"


Shay Kuebler & Radical System Art


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2017  |  7:30 PM


Telemetry, created by one of Vancouver’s rising, emerging choreographers, Shay Kuebler, Artistic Director of Radial Art Systems Dance Company, draws on the word itself and was sparked by the use of portable radio transmitter-receivers to track wolves in the wild. Shay instinctively related the concept to his body and the idea that bodies are always receiving and sending out information; translating, digesting, endlessly making meaning and creating order out of chaos. The evening is a terrifically intense dance experience that mixes interactive sound and lighting with a physical language of swing, bebop jazz, and contemporary dance while showcasing Canadian tap virtuoso, Danny Nielsen.
Danny Nielsen, a master tap dancer, takes hoofing to new dimensions as he signals waves of sound movement that continually raise the stakes for dancers who receive the signals, match his virtuosity with their own athleticism, and transmit signals back. “The troupe heaves, rolls, dives, and toprocks, its explosive movement often staggered and fractured like spreading sound waves. Sometimes one of Nielsen's smashing feet can send bodies recoiling like they've received a 400-volt jolt, or it can bring the entire, sweat-soaked corps to a halt.” exclaims Janet Smith, Style and Arts Editor at the Georgia Strait. The translating, digesting and returning of signals creates a metaphor for life.
Love be best free

Love Be Best Free

By Danny Nielsen  |  Featuring Live Jazz vocals by Andrea Superstein


FEBRUARY 17, 2017  |  7:30 PM
A one hour tap dance extravaganza about love by Danny Nielsen featuring four of Canada's finest tappers accompanied by an outrageously talented jazz ensemble and vocalist, Andrea Superstein.
Four extraordinarily talented, world class, Canadian tap dancing men deliver a high energy performance fusing comedy, athleticism, and tap dance to tell a story about a man who gives it up for love at the risk of losing himself then faces the question of what is most important to his happiness. The performance includes accompaniment by a live jazz ensemble with vocals by Andrea Superstein. Featured tap artists are: Ryan Foley (Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, Heather Cornell), Johnny Morin, Tosh Sutherland, Matisse Quagila.
Quirky, arty, pop-jazz tour de force, Andrea Superstein (Montreal/Vancouver) heads up the live jazz ensemble made up of Michael Rush (Musical Director/Bass), Dean Thiessen (Piano), Bonnie Northgreaves (Trumpet).

The Mars Hotel

by dumb instrument Dance  |  A response to The Mars Hotel by P.W. Bridgman 
JANUARY 29, 2017  |  7:30
The Mars Hotel is a response, in movement and music, to author P.W. Bridgman's flash fiction of the same title. Choreographed and danced by Ziyian Kwan in collaboration with Noam Gagnon, a series of vignettes unravels the word "love", transfiguring it through kinetic imagery and sonic landscapes. The Mars Hotel has an original score by cellist Peggy Lee, performed live by the band Handmade Blade, featuring Aram Bajakian on guitar and JP Carter on trumpet. Five elite performers from Vancouver’s contemporary dance and music scenes bring to the stage, a bold exploration of relationship that engages and delights through humour, whimsy and poignancy. 
“ unapologetically promiscuous, polymorphous and perverse – Kwan’s queer take on love in The Mars Hotel is that she is interested in exploring its tropes in a manner that is deliberately askew, one that resists any totalizing grand narrative in favour of a slow accretion of episodes that are consistently off-kilter, that keep us off-balance and throw us off-course.   -Peter Dickinson, Performance, Place & Politics  
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