Another year of jamming on movement ideas….our SECOND SUNDAY Dance Jam begins anew! (Note the change from first Sunday to SECOND SUNDAY!

 Improv Movement | with Myriam Verzat

...for movers, poets, actors, dancers, singers, people

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2017 | 3:30-5:00PM
Registration $15 
Come and explore improvisation in dance and theatre through techniques of action theatre and contemporary dance improvisation. Actors, dancers, improvisers or performance poets are welcome, along with people with little or no experience. Participants will explore ways of listening to each other, noticing more, using everything that is proposed in order to be creative and have fun together. They will also discover forms and categories of improvisation that helps to create interesting and meaningful improvisations.
Myriam Verzat is an improviser in dance and theatre, a facilitator and an environmental educator. Passionateabout multi-disciplinary improvisation, she practiced many different forms of improvisation in Montreal such asaction theatre, contemporary and contact dance improvisation, vocal improvisation, playback theatre, physical theatre, theatre of the oppressed, mime and Open Source Forms. With all those tools, she created her own improvisation and research group (Lindex) that developed a unique vocabulary using the body, the words and music to create meaningful and authentic improvisations. They have performed in different theatres in Montreal, and more recently at the Montreal Anarchist Festival.
In 2015, Myriam directed the show ReCONNECT featuring 7 artists in dance, theatre and music. The performance was based on Joanna Macy’s book, Active Hope: How to face the pain we’re in without going crazy. It looked at our feelings about the ecological crisis through choreographed and improvised scenes that would involve the audience's experiences and feelings.
Body Movement & Basic Mime for Performers | with Yayoi Hirano
SUNDAY, JANUARY 14, 2018 | 3:30-5:30PM
Registration $15 

Join mime dancer Yayoi Hirano in the exploration of  how the body talks, and which parts of your body speaks more than words. Learn to express emotions by your body movement alone.
Born and raised in Japan, a graduate of Toho Gakuen College of Drama. In 1989, she became the first mime artist to receive the Japanese Ministry of Education Fellowship, and spent a year collaborating with mime and dance artists in Germany and Canada. She has lived in Vancouver since 2002.
Yayoi has extensive experience with both western and traditional Japanese dance theatre. Her career as a solo performer includes numerous European, Asian festivals and five North American tours beginning with appearance at Vancouver Expo ‘86.
Yayoi is also a carver of Noh-style masks. Some of her recent works include her company YTM productions Shinju(2008), Identity-Ancestral Memory(2011) and A Greek tragedy in Noh-theatre style Medea/Rokujo in Nov. 2013 at the Orpheum Theatre Annex, OKUNI-Mother of Kabuki in March 2017 at Studio 1398. Yayoi performed as a guest for Sara Davis Buechner’s concert at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall on June 1 2017 and received a great review from NY Times.
She appeared as the grandmother in the short film AKASHI shown at the NBC-Universal Short Film Festival in L.A in Oct. 2017, received Outstanding Writer Award for Mayumi Yoshida as a writer out of 4600 entries.
Yayoi has also worked as a movement coach for Vancouver Opera’s Madama Butterfly(2010), Mortal Coil’s Salmon Row(2011) and Carousel Theatre’s Wondrous Tales of Old Japan(2014).

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