Rehearsals orchestrated by local dance teacher, Chiara Ackerman.
Presentation: Sunday July 8, 4:15pm
Maffeo Sutton Park
This dance was created by The National Ballet School of Canada and is being presented through out the summer in cities across Canada. It is easy, fun, and there is even a section modified for those who require to dance in chairs!  
Join in the fun celebrating Diversity Through Dance at our annual InFrinGinG Dance Festival in combination with The Nanaimo Dragonboat Festival. We will wear t-shirts and pants, details to be decided at the rehearsals.
Learn our modified coreography: 
Or, come along to one/some/all of our scheduled rehearsals:
MAY 27th 4-6:00PM, 
JUNE 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th  7-9:00PM, 
JUNE 10th 5:45-7:00PM, Rotary Fieldhouse, 850 Third Street
JULY 4th  7-9:00PM, 
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Rehearsals orchestrated by local dance teacher, Chiara Ackerman.

Presentation: Sunday July 8, 5:00PM 
Swy-A-Lana Lagoon at Maffeo Sutton Park
This hilarious and fun event is all about enjoying summer, our beautiful lagoon and dressing like MERpeople!
Chiara and friends will choreograph a dance that begins on the sandy beach and ends up in a rolling frolic in the lagoon. Expect choreography that is simple and 50’s style, some swimming in patterns in the lagoon, and a synchro spoof!
Create your own MER outfit!  Make it so you are able to swim or not!  If not, your choreography will keep you out of the water. If you like getting wet (you are a REAL MERperson) then you will be choreographed into the water.
Let us know which choreography section you wish to sign up for - hopefully the entire thing! 
If there are any MERmen, or MERmen identified persons you know who wish to participate in the MANLY synchro section, be sure the registration indicates that.
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Learn the choreography online:
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